Latest Release: EDGEY Misfire (CD)

Latest Release:  EDGEY Misfire (CD)
HANDS D157 Hands Paper Pack

Taking the techy, aggressive powernoise of ‘Square Form Annihilations‘ and the cleaner more methodical beat-driven styling’s of ‘Flawed‘, EDGEY delivers his third and long awaited full-length release on HANDS. No stranger to conflicting sound design; EDGEY’sMisfire‘ explores the dichotomy of rough and powerful noise with the smooth and methodical structures of breakcore-oriented drum’n’bass and idm. EDGEY’s latest release is as dangerous as a misfire. It’s storm full of energy and roughness and reminds you why EDGEY is one of the brightest stars in the breakcore-drum’n’bass universe. Stephen James Knight AKA EDGEY is a New York based electronic music producer, writer and artist working in the veins of Drum n Bass, IDM, Breakcore, Noise and Industrial for over 15 years, cataloguing a respectable number of releases in each of the varying genre’s, and continues to help shape the sound for the future.

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